Stock Analyst GPT

Disfold Stock Analyst GPT

Our new GPT, the Stock Analyst GPT is a an attempt to create a new sophisticated tool designed for investment analysis. It focuses on the “Magnificent 7” companies: Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Meta (Facebook), and Tesla.

Notably relying upon Disfold‘s data among other sources across the web, the Stock Analyst GPT provides detailed sentiment analysis, business analysis, stock perspectives for various time horizons, and comparative reports to rank these companies.

The Stock Analyst GPT aims at helping users navigate the stock market and providing expert insights (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE). Please try the Stock Analyst GPT and share your good and bad feedback so that we can improve it in the future on Disfold’s blog post.

Find the ‘Stock Analyst’ on OpenAI’s ChatGPT



UnicornGPT is your AI co-founder, tasked with the mission to transform your idea, project, website or business into a Unicorn company, worth more than $1 Billion.

Find UnicornGPT on OpenAI’s ChatGPT

UnicornGPT was born right after the publication of GPT4, even though, at that time, custom GPTs didn’t exist. It was always a hassle to reprompt ChatGPT to make it work properly towards the goal of transforming Disfold into a unicorn startup.

Now, thanks to OpenAI’s new custom GPTs, it is much easier to just open a new Chat and start working with a multi-tasked super-powered AI co-founder. After working with this prompt for month, it has been particularly effective for ideas brainstorming, developing new programmatic systems for the website and marketing, and managing the posting of content to social media.

You can now also start using UnicornGPT for your own projects! Enjoy! Let me know what is the most useful part of UnicornGPT for your ideas, projects and businesses, so that I can post more valuable content on UnicornGPT’s X (formerly Twitter) profile: @UnicornGPT