15. Learning: Near Misses, Felicity Conditions

One-shot learning

Learning in human-like way, in one shot: learning something definite from each example.

The evolving model

Comparing an initial model example, a seed, with a near miss or another example, the evolving model understands an important characteristic for each new near miss or example compared.

The evolving model develops a set of heuristics to describe the seed, specializing with near misses (reducing the potential matches) or generalizing with examples (broadening the potential matches) the characteristics of the seed.

  • Require link heuristic: specialization
  • Forbid link heuristic: specialization
  • Extend set heuristic: generalization
  • Drop link heuristic: generalization
  • Climb tree heuristic: generalization

Felicity conditions

The teacher and learner must know about each other to achieve the best learning. The learner must talk to himself to understand what he is doing.

How to package ideas better

To better communicate ideas to others in order to achieve better results, the following 5 characteristics makes communication more effective.

  • Symbol: ease to remember the idea
  • Slogan: focus the idea
  • Surprise: catch the attention
  • Salient: one thing to stand out
  • Story: helps transmission to people

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